Digital assembly workstation flexAssistant

Assembly software Suite 4.0 flexAssistant

Digitize manual production: Fast, flexibly adaptable and available wherever you need it - with the SOMA flexAssistant Software Suite

flex like flexible

With flexAssistant you can integrate almost any hardware and thus digitally enrich your manual production process. Visual assembly instructions, pick-to-light systems and intelligent screwing systems support workers in their assembly tasks. Scanners and printers document and mark your products. Every production step leaves a unique fingerprint that is permanently saved and can be called up at any time.

All production data can be sent directly to MES or ERP systems such as SAP make manual production steps visible even for non-production areas at any time. Remote components provide access for remote maintenance of your systems.

Robotic assistants can also be integrated using flexAssistant. You can easily expand your manual production to semi-automatic production without changing the system.

With these and many more features, flexAssistant opens the fully scalable spectrum of possibilities for digital worker assistance.

Assistant like supporting

Digital assembly for industrial production

The digital assembly software suite flexAssistant from SOMA was specially designed for the requirements of manual assembly steps in industrial series production. The flexAssistant concept combines our decades of experience as a plant manufacturer for the who's who of international industrial customers. Together with and for our customers, we have developed an assembly assistance system that makes worker guidance fit for 4.0 and beyond and is already successfully used in practice.

Open standards

flexAssistant is created as an open system based on the test management software TestStand from National Instruments. We help you to define production processes independently and to be able to carry out subsequent adjustments by yourself. We only accompany you until you have mastered to manage and work with your digital worker guidance. Of course, we are always available for any further questions you may have.

Visual makes the difference

We know what is important when it comes to the correct instructions for the assembly steps and have developed flexAssistant in such a way that your employees can be guided almost language-independently. This is because visual information can be clearly interpreted across countries and cultures, leading to fewer misunderstandings and thus significantly increased quality.

With or without hardware?

You have the choice. In addition to the interactive software tool "flex-Assistant", our portfolio offers delivery on a touch panel PC in two sizes. Furthermore, you can order the construction of the complete workstation directly from SOMA. The SOMA flexWorkBench system, which is configured for you by our experts according to your needs, includes the fully equipped workstation in addition to the software.

flexAssistant Features

  • Pick to/by light

  • Pick to voice

  • TAW (partial presence)

  • Intelligent tools (screwdriving systems with position and value monitoring)

  • Scanner

  • Label Printer

  • Parameterization instead of programming

  • Extendable to SOMA flex - WorkBench System

  • and much more

flexAssistant because:

Get started faster

With the SOMA flexAssistant Suite, you are simply more quickly productive. We configure your digital workstation so that your assembly workers feel right at home: No time-consuming development processes, no complex training, no high friction losses during the implementation. We make sure that you are able to produce more effectively than ever before in no time. And the best thing is: If the work is easier, it is simply more fun.

Easier to adapt

Every company works differently. flexAssistant can be parameterized and allows easy adaptation of workflows, without any programming knowledge. This allows you to react quickly and independently to new requirements. With this flexibility and simplicity, flexAssistant is the intelligent control center for all your hand-guided production steps and can thus be expanded step-by-step to a complete, digital factory workstation with MEW integration.

Used worldwide

Do you have production at several locations and distributed across the globe? flexAssistant speaks your language. The user interface was designed from the beginning for international use and is available in all common languages. The standardization of work processes in internationally oriented companies was also taken into consideration from the very beginning in the flexAssistant suite.

Additional advantages

  • Visual support of assembly tasks

  • Errors during assembly are detected and visible until their correction

  • Runs with almost any hardware

  • Faster productivity through intuitive user guidance

  • Full traceability of all steps

  • Information acquisition for the optimization of tools / materials or processes

  • SOMA at your side as an experienced partner for industrial production

Your employees as experts

We like to share our knowledge. Whether it is the introduction of new production lines or optimization of existing stations, we have the right package for you.

For example: Training package "Base"

One-day training for 1-4 employees

  • Day 1: Basic structure, creating processes, changing existing processes, training materials

For example: Training package "Advance"

Two-day training for 1-4 employees

  • Day 1: Basic structure, creating processes, changing existing processes, training materials
  • Day 2: Advanced functions, debugging, operation, component manager

Exhibition dates

Date Exhibition Location Business Unit
2021 Motek Stuttgart, Germany Dosing systems
2021 Internationale Zulieferbörse IZB Wolfsburg, Germany Dosing systems

About the company

For more than 40 years, we have been a recognized as reliable partner to industry for the solution of testing and automation tasks. Our company structure and the qualification of our employees are geared to independently implement complete system solutions and to be available to our customers as a competent partner during the entire project duration.